Dont just take my word, listen to my happy clients.

“Reaching out to Ms. Nechay was the only good decision I made during my run in with the law. I was arrested for urinating in public and public intoxication. She immediately dove into my case by learning local laws and jurisdiction in a state where she does not practice. She obtained my arrest report and Police car/body cam footage of the arrest. She found multiple discrepancies between the Police report and the actual events that unfolded. She quickly contacted the prosecutor who oversaw my case and convinced him to dismiss all charges before my appointed court date. I was required to inform my employer of the arrest and charges. Ms. Nechay provided several hours of her time to help coach me how to deal with that dicey process. I could not have asked for a better outcome both legally and with my employer. I am sincerely grateful for her diligent and effective efforts. If you find yourself requiring legal help, she is the attorney to call.”

Thomas S. | June 18, 2017

“Valery gave her full attention to my case. She took the time to explain the process, my options, and help me understand how to navigate my life during a difficult and painful time. She is an outstanding legal professional and the one to call should you find yourself in legal trouble.”

Kelly F. | June 30, 2017

“I endorse this lawyer. A passionate and skilled advocate ready for a challenge. An attorney who will fight for you!” 
Attorney D.L. Rencher

“At the cutting edge of justice.”

Judge Crompton

San Francisco Superior Court

“Valery help me out tremendously. Her ability to think quickly and approach my sensitive issues with empathy and professionalism and Being aggressive advocate in my defense got my case dismissed. Thank you Valery.”

Chicarrito H.

“My experience with Valery Nechay was a life-learning lesson. There was a complaint filed against me, which I never experienced before, and I was prepared to give my statement without legal representation. I opted to get legal consultation from Valery to ensure the issue would be simple enough for me to handle. Little did I know, the complaint had the potential chance to ruin my life if I chose to tackle the issue on my own. Valery explained the worst scenario of being arrested, losing my job as well as my credibility. I am so thankful for her legal advice because the planned statement I was going to present would not be sufficient to dismiss the case. It was a very sensitive subject for me to share even to Valery but she displayed professionalism and empathy for my case giving me comfort that everything was going to be okay. Thank you so much Valery Nechay, I highly recommend you to anyone in need of a good attorney.”

“Because of Valerie’s quick thinking and actions she was able to track down the crucial and exonerating video surveillance before arraignment, which would have expired in another day. This was a critical piece for our case being dismissed. Valerie kept us informed on every step. Thank you Valerie for a great work!”
Yelena M.

      Valery Nechay made me feel like I was not alone in the complicated legal hardship I found myself in.

    She did research, and educated me on so many different aspects of my case. She prepared me and helped me in knowing that she was always on my side. Always willing to be brutally honest, so I knew what lied ahead.

    I was dealing with the discrimination of an employer, and a few other issues all at the same time. She read up on it, helped me, coached me, and it all really payed off.

    I recommend Ms. Nechay as a lawyer to anyone looking for empathy, understanding, and professionalism in a law practice. She gave me so so much help, and I am not sure how I will ever give it back!

    I hope that anyone who is looking for a good lawyer, find Ms. Nechay.

    thumb Jay Z.

      She is a dedicated advocate with an out-of-box approach to the law and the legal system.  She takes zealous advocacy very seriously for her clients and has a proven record of striving for the best possible result in her cases given the circumstances of each case.  Ms. Nechay is well respected in the legal community and highly recommended.

    thumb M S.

      Valery is the consummate professional- a caring, human approach to her clients and uncompromising tough when representing the interests of her clients.  

    I highly recommend a personal attorney for all high profile executives in a world more dangerous than ever for exploitation.  

    Valery is more than a lawyer to me- she is my friend.

    thumb Ted K.

      I am extremely impressed with Valery's work. Her level of skill, dedication, and sharpness is outstanding. She did an exceptional job at finding specific evidence and crucial video surveillance just hours before it was deleted. Because of Valery, my case was dismissed and all charges were dropped. I could not be more grateful for her work.

    thumb Alex M.

      Valery is clever, sharp, very responsive, and what the most important very resourceful. She was able to get critical piece of evidence, security camera video hours before it was due to be deleted. Because of Valery proactive actions, the case was dismissed.

    thumb greg m.


At the heart of my practice is the belief that every person, regardless of the crime he or she are accused of, is entitled to a defense.

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