Dont just take my word, listen to my happy clients.

“Reaching out to Ms. Nechay was the only good decision I made during my run in with the law. I was arrested for urinating in public and public intoxication. She immediately dove into my case by learning local laws and jurisdiction in a state where she does not practice. She obtained my arrest report and Police car/body cam footage of the arrest. She found multiple discrepancies between the Police report and the actual events that unfolded. She quickly contacted the prosecutor who oversaw my case and convinced him to dismiss all charges before my appointed court date. I was required to inform my employer of the arrest and charges. Ms. Nechay provided several hours of her time to help coach me how to deal with that dicey process. I could not have asked for a better outcome both legally and with my employer. I am sincerely grateful for her diligent and effective efforts. If you find yourself requiring legal help, she is the attorney to call.”

Thomas S. | June 18, 2017

“Valery gave her full attention to my case. She took the time to explain the process, my options, and help me understand how to navigate my life during a difficult and painful time. She is an outstanding legal professional and the one to call should you find yourself in legal trouble.”

Kelly F. | June 30, 2017

“I endorse this lawyer. A passionate and skilled advocate ready for a challenge. An attorney who will fight for you!” 
Attorney D.L. Rencher

“At the cutting edge of justice.”

Judge Crompton

San Francisco Superior Court

“Valery help me out tremendously. Her ability to think quickly and approach my sensitive issues with empathy and professionalism and Being aggressive advocate in my defense got my case dismissed. Thank you Valery.”

Chicarrito H.

“My experience with Valery Nechay was a life-learning lesson. There was a complaint filed against me, which I never experienced before, and I was prepared to give my statement without legal representation. I opted to get legal consultation from Valery to ensure the issue would be simple enough for me to handle. Little did I know, the complaint had the potential chance to ruin my life if I chose to tackle the issue on my own. Valery explained the worst scenario of being arrested, losing my job as well as my credibility. I am so thankful for her legal advice because the planned statement I was going to present would not be sufficient to dismiss the case. It was a very sensitive subject for me to share even to Valery but she displayed professionalism and empathy for my case giving me comfort that everything was going to be okay. Thank you so much Valery Nechay, I highly recommend you to anyone in need of a good attorney.”

“Because of Valerie’s quick thinking and actions she was able to track down the crucial and exonerating video surveillance before arraignment, which would have expired in another day. This was a critical piece for our case being dismissed. Valerie kept us informed on every step. Thank you Valerie for a great work!”
Yelena M.

      Extremely grateful for Ms. Nechay's service. She is beyond understanding and will do what it takes to get you out of a bind. Seeking her services was the best thing for my case, and thanks to her it
    was dismissed and I couldn't be more happy.

    thumb Darah D.

      She is a dedicated advocate with an out-of-box approach to the law and the legal system.  She takes zealous advocacy very seriously for her clients and has a proven record of striving for the best possible result in her cases given the circumstances of each case.  Ms. Nechay is well respected in the legal community and highly recommended.

    thumb M S.

      I am having a difficult time articulating how incredibly helpful Valery is in a single review. She successfully - and quickly - sealed a 6-year old arrest record I had in a very remote county in CA where she does not regularly appear. This arrest record was putting me in so much distress because it 1) existed in the first place and 2) appeared in your regular old Google search should you (or a current/future employer) enter my name in a browser. Valery seriously knows her stuff - she immediately knew what avenue to take to seal my record quickly, collaborated with the court systems (this particular court system is notoriously slow by the way), and had my arrest record sealed and removed from the web in a matter of no time. Moreover, Valery genuinely understood how much I needed her help and prioritized my needs. She is wonderful - seriously. I could not recommend a better attorney.

    thumb Nicole A.

      At the time we retained Ms. Nechay, my family member had already been sentenced.  Valery saved the day and fixed everything.  I would highly recommend her to anyone and everyone.

    Our previous attorney had deliberately misled the court and concealed the fact that we had an imminent move out of state. This led to a plea deal with terms that were terrible for our family.  It could have led to a separation between our members of our family, including our young child, due to a requirement to live in a certain state that would have caused irreparable damage.

    Ms. Nechay completely reversed the Court's decision on the old plea and helped us secure a new plea for a reduced charge and a *much* lighter sentence that would allow us to live out of state as we required. She thoughtfully worked with us to rally key evidence and aggressively represented us against the DA. She was sensitive to the fact that the case stemmed from a medical situation.

    Valery was always available to communicate when we needed her, was upfront about key decisions in the case, and was a zealous advocate for our case and our rights. Our only regret is that we didn't meet her earlier in the case before our previous, dishonest lawyer began representing us.

    After the case, Valery continued to be helpful with follow-up matters even after her fee was already paid.  She cares about doing the right thing.

    I would *highly* recommend Ms. Nechay to anyone who needs a defense attorney.

    thumb T B.

      I found Valery after I was charged with a serious case that involved multiple, violent felonies with exposure to many years in prison. I was terrified despite the fact that I was a victim and had an affirmative self-defense. Although I had spoken to many lawyers, I knew she was the one for the job. From the beginning, she was patient, thorough in her explanation of her strategy, reassuring, empathetic, and effective as my advocate. She helped me remain calm and assured everything was going to be alright and always had a positive attitude. Through her aggressive investigation and negotiation with the DA, she got my entire case dismissed before the preliminary hearing even happened. She was a blessing to me and my family. I am confident that she is the only lawyer for anyone facing serious criminal charges.

    thumb Orlando N.

      Valery is superb. I came to her office abxious about my case and immediately she reassured that she could solve the problem. Throughout the entire process she was readily available for any questions and concerns. Valery is an extraordinary attorney, so much so that she was able to get my case dismissed before filing. Highly recommend!

    thumb Ari D.


At the heart of my practice is the belief that every person, regardless of the crime he or she are accused of, is entitled to a defense.

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